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Snowhotel Kirkenes

When temperatures are below freezing there are a wide range of activities and exciting excursions to take part in. We would like to show you how to enjoy the amazing winter in Arctic conditions.

Let yourself be tempted by exotic adventures in the snow-covered landscape of northern Norway. Here you can experience some of what winter-Finnmark has to offer.

Snowmobile Tours, King Crab excursions, Husky trips, Ice fishing on the fjord, Hunting the northern lights or spend a night in an amazing hotel built of snow and ice.

We have a wide range of excursions you can participate in. Our tours always include experienced guides, warm clothes and necessary safety equipment. The winter in Finnmark offers great contrasts, ranging between +0 and -30 ºC. The end of December and January is the dark season, where the sun never rises above the horizon.

There is however, a few hours of light during the day, which we refer to as the ‘blue hour’. The colours in the sky form a type of blue sunset. February, March and April, sees the return of the sun, and with that, the reflections on the snow start to resemble diamonds.

Often temperatures in March/April can be around 0 to 5 ºC.  Of course all throughout winter you will have a chance to see the mysterious Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights. We can’t predict the weather but we can promise you that there are wonderful experiences to be had, in absolutely beautiful surroundings. Read more about the various tours at our website.

At summer we offer King Crab rafting Safaris, midnight sun rafting, Barents Sea fishing, and visiting the Andersgrotta.