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Hurtigruten Barents Kirkenes

Hurtigruten Barents Kirkenes takes pride in giving our guests an arctic adventure.


  • king crab experience
  • Russian border tour
  • riverboat tour
  • canoe tour
  • Arctic spa
  • hiking tour


  • king crab experience
  • dogsledding tours
  • snowmobile tours
  • Aurora camp northern lights evening
  • Arctic Ice Dome
  • Arctic spa

Hurtigruten Barents Kirkenes takes pride in giving our guests an arctic adventure. Up here – close to the end of the World – you will find spectacular wild life, great sea adventures and an exotic city under the Northern Light.

During winter, activities like our northern light safaris, husky dog-sledge trips, snowmobile tours, northern light and king crab safaris are offered. Also new this winter you can enjoy a visit in our Artic Ice Dome. In summer you can go fishing for giant crab, join a canoe safari or take a hiking tour. The Russian boarder is just a 500-meter hike away.

The Arctic SPA

Look into the beautiful natural setting on the Russian side of the border, while enjoying the feeling of sitting in the steaming hot bubble bath, just a stone's throw from Russia. Are you a "Viking", you can bathe in the snow in the winter, before you enter the wonderful sauna. After use, enjoy life, with a bjørkebål creating genuine Lapland atmosphere.

The evening concluded with an exclusive 3 or 5-course dinner in Gapahuken restaurant where local dishes such as crab, filet of reindeer and cloudberries often a part of the menu.

Evening tour to Aurora camp

01.12. - 15.04. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

Snowmobile tour

01.12. - 15.04. Every day

Dogsledding Tour

01.12. - 15.04.  Every day except Sun

Arctic Ice Dome

01.12. - 15.04. Every day

Catch a night in the arctic light

01.12. - 15.04. Day on request