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BIRK Husky

Arctic adventure with BIRK Husky! 

husky – nature – local food

We wish you welcome to an Arctic adventure in the borderland between Norway, Finland and Russia. Our location is at 69° north 30° east.
BIRK offers:
  • Several trips with dogsleds; you can choose between short trips from half an hour to longer trips over several days. We even offer a shorter wagon tour with our dogs in the summertime! We will be happy to make a special offer for you and your companions on your trip to the Arctic. All tours are exclusive, with a maximum of 8 guests per tour.
  • Nature adventures, northern lights (Aurora Borealis), midnight sun,  fishing tours, hiking tours or just join us for a tour out in the forest to one of our wilderness cabins.
  • Local food in a Sámi lavvu (tent) or in our Viking long house. The food we serve is made of ingredients from the area of Sør-Varanger. We can seat 40 guests at the time inside – outside serving has almost no limits.
  • A little lecture about the history of this area, the traditional way of living and about the modern multicultural community of Sør-Varanger.
  • Accommodation in our new cozy guesthouse, huts at our base, or in our wilderness cabins.