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Great Adventures in Norwegian Lapland since 1996.
Summer: Riverboat Safari, King Crab Safari, Quad Safari.
Winter: Snowmobile Safari, King Crab Safari, Northern Light Safari.

+47 901 90 594

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BIRK Husky

We wish you welcome to an Arctic adventure in the borderland between Norway, Finland and Russia. Several trips with dogsleds, nature adventures, northern lights, midnight sun, fishing tours, hiking tours.

+47 909 78 248

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Pasvikturist AS is the biggest and most experienced tour operator in Finnmark. We have more than 20 years experience and know Northern Norway and Russia. Our excursions are high quality tours and we prefer small groups and personal service.

+47 78 99 50 80

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Snowhotel Kirkenes

We have a wide range of excursions you can participate in.
Summer: King Crab rafting Safaris, midnight sun rafting, Barents Sea fishing, Andersgrotta. 
 Arctic King Crab fishing tour, husky trips, hunting northern lights tours, snowmobile trips.

+47 78 97 05 40

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Day trip with Hurtigruten and bus

Using public transportation you can take a round trip from Kirkenes to Vardø with the coastal steamer Hurtigruten and back to Kirkenes with a scheduled bus. In Vardø, the easternmost town of Norway, you can explore the Vardøhus Festning, a fortress from 1734, or the Steilneset Memorial. After 1 hour the bus follows the Barents Sea coastline between Vardø and Vadsø on the way back to Kirkenes.
Available all seasons on Sundays, duration 8 hours.

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Borderland Museum

At the Borderland Museum one can explore theme exhibitions connected to local history. We present the history of the settlement and development of the region, from its origin as a common territory between Russia, Finland and Norway. We also document the industrial history of the mining company A/S Sydvaranger. The war exhibition contains, among other things the Russian fighter plane Ilyushin.


+47 78 99 48 80


Public bath with 25-metre pool, therapy pool, children’s pool and jacuzzi.
Opening times

+47 404 55 769

Terminal B

Located in the middle of the pedestrian street, it is a gateway into and out from the Barents region, showcasing exceptional home-grown productions.
The project and exhibition space was recently established by Pikene på Broen, a collective of curators and producers who have been actively initiating and facilitating artistic productions in and about the borderlands since 2001.

Dr. Wesselsgate 14

+47 920 39 195