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Mountain Bearberry at autumn (Arctostaphylos alpina)
Mountain Bearberry at autumn (Arctostaphylos alpina)


The nature in our municipality is different from the rest of Norway. The plant “Polarfjellflokk” (Jacob’s Ladder) only grows on Bugøynes, and nowhere else on the Norwegian mainland. There are many eastern plant-species growing in the municipality that are rear or non existent in other parts of Norway.

Other examples are “Brannmyrull” and “Finnmarkspors”. The forest in Pasvik originates from the Siberian taiga; the worlds largest continuous forest area. You will find all the major predators in the municipality. Best known is the brown bear, and the Pasvik Valley is home for around 20 individuals. This is the highest density of bears in the entire Norway. We are also the home of glutton (wolverine) and lynx. 

If you are very lucky you might get the rare chance of seeing wolves, but these are only stray animals coming from Russia. However, your chances are much higher of seeing reindeer and elk, than running into one of the great predators.

Similar to the flora, the fauna has many eastern elements, especially among the bird species.
Other animals that have migrated from the east are the muskrat, the mighty Kamchatka crab (king crab) and the Russian Salmon.