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The climate in our huge municipality changes noticeably from the far south of the Pasvik Valley to the far east of Grense-Jakobselv. The Pasvik Valley has a typical inland climate with little rainfall, short warm summers and long cold winters. By the coast we would of course have coastal climate, with more rainfall but with less temperature swings than the inland areas when it comes to winter and summer.

One February morning there was a record measurement of -52 ºC (-61 Fahrenheit) in the Pasvik Valley, this same station measured the record +32 ºC (89.6 Fahrenheit) during the summer.

Average temperature
January -13 ºC
April -1 ºC
June +8 ºC
July +14 ºC
August +11 ºC
December -11 ºC

The Midnight sun is visible from the 17th of May till the 21st of July.
The dark period (the sun is below the horizon) is from 21st of November till the 21st of January.

Winter or summer, Sør-Varanger 2014