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Kirkenes is the capital of the municipality of Sør-Varanger
The municipality is located as far north-east as possible in Norway, close to the Varanger fjord. We belong to the northernmost county in Norway, Finnmark.
Kirkenes center is located 69° 43' 40" north and 30° 2' 40" east.
Taking into account the surrounding settlements, there is a population of approx. 6000 in the Kirkenes area.

Sør-Varanger municipality has a population of approximately 9600 people spread out over 3.670 km2. The municipality lies on both the Russian and the Finnish borders. This gives the municipality a very central location seen from a business point of view. 

We are in the center in the Barentsregion, with ice free ports and all year round access to the Barents sea. Because of our unique location, many local companies have turned their attention towards the markets in Northwest-Russia.

The municipality has a good infrastructure for visitors and there is a whole world of experiences awaiting you:
midnight sun or northern lights.

Discover our world on different sightseeing trips.

Kirkenes and Sør-Varanger is for you who seek contrasts. Here you will find it all: from the indigenous traditional way of living to a modern industrial society all in one generation. 

Remnants from the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Winter-war between Russia and Finland in 1939, the history of 320 bombing raids and total destruction during World War 2 and of course 30 years of cold political war. 

Follow the changes up to nowadays modern society, where we slowly are building relations regardless of country. In the regions of Europe there are exiting things happening, especially in the Barentsregion. Here Kirkenes has a central position. 
About 10 percent of the people in Kirkenes are Russians, streets signpost are in both Norwegian and Russian. Being endpoint of the Hurtigruten-cruise for more than 100 years, in future Kirkenes as well will serve as the startpoint of the Northern Sea Route to China, that shortens the distance of traditional shipping routes through the Suez Canal by more than 40%.

As a visitor to Kirkenes, you will feel the strange puls. Make contact, and we will let you have some tastes of the history of Europe.
We welcome you to a different experience!