Melkefoss, 9925 Svanvik


+47 909 78 248

BIRK Husky

BIRK Husky’s guest house at Melkefoss

During the fall BIRK Husky open our own cosy guest house with 7 rooms. The house is situated in connection to our kennel and our wilderness restaurants. We have single rooms, twin rooms, double rooms and one family room. The two double rooms have their own bathroom, while the other rooms share two other bathrooms.


The house is open for booking both from individual guests and small groups. The living room/breakfast room is also equipped as a meeting room with smartboard and pc.


Cabins at BIRK husky

We have three small cozy cabins for rent at our base and kennel. This is right at the border river between Norway and Russia, with good fishing oportunities.


Tunhytta’ and ‘Mariusbua’ have both electricity, ‘Fiskerbua’ is heated with parafin. All cabins have access to a fully equiped restroom in our main house 50-100 m from the cabins. There are cooking facilities in all three cabins, with the option to order meals served in our Sami lavvu.


Myrbekkoia – Wilderness Cabin

Our cabin in the forest, and wonderful retreat from the outside world. The cabin was built in the 1950s for the forest workers, yet has been recently restored by us. It is our base for longer trips with our dogs in the wintertime, and there is also possible to rent only the cabin without a program from June to October. During this time it is possible to drive with car into the cabin along a good forest road the last 11 km.


Our cabin is fully equipped and has a good kitchen with gas-oven. Outside you will find a traditional sauna. Both cabin and sauna is heated with wood fire. There is no running water in the cabin, this you fetch in the stream outside. Outdoor toilet.


Sortbrysttjernkoia – Wilderness Cabin

A wooden cabin right outside the National Park. Rent the cabin with or without a program. Beautiful surroundings, boat, canoe and bikes available for our guests. From the hut there is a marked hiking route into the park all the way into the Finnish border.


The last 9 km of the road into the cabin is a forest road – the cabin is at the end of the road and is situated lonely exclusively right at the National Park. In wintertime these 9 km you need to do by cross country ski, or you can rent snowmobile transportation. Often the valleys reindeer herd is around our cabin in the wintertime – a beautifull sight!


The cabin has two small bedrooms with 3 and 4 single beds in each. The main room has also room for 3 persons to sleep. Two wood stoves, small kitchen with nessessery equipment and gas for cooking. Outside you will find a traditional sauna for your bathing and an outdoor toilet. No electricity or running water at the cabin. Clean drinking water is to be taken from the lake right outside the cabin.