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Sandnesdalen 14, 9910 Bjørnevatn

+47 78 97 05 40

Snowhotel Restaurants

The reindeers in the yard, greeting you as you enter. The crackling fire in Gabba Restaurant, the view of Langfjorden from Høyloftet Restaurant. Or the Norwegian handmade wallpaper, and the old paneling we have decorated Bingen Restaurant with.


We strive to always add an extra touch to our dishes, like the wild herbs that we picked and dried ourselves, our our homemade jelly from blackcurrant and rowan berries.

The cheese from a local farmer.


That’s why we say that you get not only a meal – you get a story.


HØYLOFTET Restaurant

«Høyloftet» directly translates to «The Hay Loft» - which is what it used to be! We have kept the original construction with impressive glulam beams, but replaced the gable wall with a panoramic window, offering an impressive view of the Fjord.


Our VIP Lounge “Nikel” is also located in Høyloftet. Comfortably seated in sheep skin-clad chairs, it is a great place to relax while waiting for the Northern Lights!


BINGEN Restaurant

«Bingen» is the 1st floor restaurant in our newly renovated sheep barn. Wintertime, we serve dinner and breakfast for our Snowhotel overnighters here. Relaxed and cozy atmosphere, with original panels from the time when the sheep were living here.


In the high season, our overnight guests have priority. The rest of the year (April 20th-December 20th), Bingen is our main restaurant.


GABBA Restaurant

This is how it all started – a few benches around a crackling bonfire.


Today, Gabba is the obvious choice for lunch in the winter season. Seating 40 people around the open fire in the middle, and built as a traditional Sami “lavvu”, Gabba Restaurant is truly special.


After a long day in the snow – what could be better than warming up with a bowl of hot fish soup, warmed over the fire?