Sollia Gjestegård & Gapahuken restaurant

Storskog, 9900 Kirkenes


+47 78 99 08 20

Gapahuken Restaurant

The restaurant was built in spring 2006. It is beautifully situated next to the lake at Sollia Gjestegård, with a panoramic view to Russia. Kitchen-island in the middle of the restaurant. Capacity upto 110 persons.


The resturant is also used as a conference building. Great food is always in focus at Sollia Gjestegård and Gapahuken restaurant, and we think that it is important to indulge in a culinaric meal now and then! We always have good ingredients available, and can offer local delicacies and home made dessert temptations.


We also offer vegetarian courses on request - and we do take a challenge if you require somthing special. Please contact us for menu suggestion for your dinner party or other arrangements!


Opening hours medio June -  August 16:

  • Tuesday-saturday: 4-10 pm – a la carte
  • Sunday: 3-7 pm – buffet of warm and
    cold dishes + dessert and coffee/tea
  • Mondays: CLOSED


Opening hours August 18 - June 14:

  • We open the restaurant on request, please book the day before. Menu need to be decided when booking, and all guests choose the same menu. No limit on minimum number of people, we open as long as we have the capacity to do so.