BIRK husky vikinghus


Melkefoss, 9925 Svanvik


+47 909 78 248

BIRK Husky

Local food in the Sámi lavvu or in our unique Viking long house.


BIRK husky, winner of region Troms & Finnmark in the national competition Ganefart. Best restaurant serving good local food in a good atmosphere!


We would like to welcome you to join us for a meal made of local ingredients, served in our Sámi lavvu or in our unique Viking long house. We are located by the Pasvik River, the border to Russia.

In the lavvu we do serve individuals and small groups. Are you more than 10 guests visiting we would like to make up fires in our Viking long house and give you a food adventure here.


During most of the month of June, July and August we do have open for drop in between 16 – 19pm with a limited menu of the day.


Be aware that due to practical reasons all guests in a pre booked group has to order the same menu for the total group. Pre ordering of meals from our menu under, minimum 2 full days before visit.