Kirkenes is located at the end of European way No 6. Distances: to Tromsø 977 km, to Alta 572 km, to Oslo ca. 2480 km. You can choose the way through Sweden as well. Kiruna-Kirkenes 769 km.

Or you choose the way through Finnland, via Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi-Kirkenes 473 km. Driving way no. 971 you can cross the Finish-Norwegian border in Näätämö, 50 km away from Kirkenes. The way is in very good condition.


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Moose Warning traffic sign

Emergency telephone numbers:

Police and rescue coordination centre


Fires and major accidents


Ambulance – medical emergencies



Norwegian traffic rules in English

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
operates two webcams near Kirkenes to
monitor road conditions:
E6 Kirkenes south (Hesseng)

E6 Kirkenes south

E105 Storskogstrong

E105 Storskogstrong